Referee Training

Entry classes for new referees and Bridge classes for grade 9 referees will be available from November through March.

All tests must be done before you come to the clinic.

Classes will begin to be posted in mid to late October on this website Michigan Refs. Click “Class Registration” tab to browse class availability and to register for a class, or click then click Sign Up For Course. You will see a list of Course Types in bold blue. Click the course type for a list of classes.

New referees and current grade 9 referees of the following classes by going to this website to sign up,

Those referees who are certifying, that means all grade 7, 8 and 9’s, will need to take the online test before attending the course.

Thus, it is especially important for recert referees to do this test now, even for the clinics held in Feb, March and April.

All entry level grade 9 new referees and all current grade 9 referees who plan to take the upgrade 8 clinic, also called bridge, will be given the test in class by the instructors. No need to go online looking for a test for these groups of referees.

Registration must be done at MSYSA referee site, you can not register onsite

Online testing for re-certification for all Venues will need to be done by both grade 7/8 and grade 9 referees before they come to their respective clinics. There will be two separate tests–7/8 and 9.

On November 1, Referees will receive an email with instructions on how to access the Online Testing system; the same instructions will also be available on November 1st at so if you don’t receive the email, check the website. Referees will need to pass the test and bring the printed certificate available after taking the test to show they have taken the test. A review of the test will take place early in the clinic they plan to attend.


Current Referees


All referee assignments, including TBAYS games, are assigned by certified Referee Assignors.  Contact TBAYS to learn more: