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This program is for PReK-1st Grade Players Born in 2011-2014

Games will be September 9th, 16th, 30th, October 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th

Birth Year 2013/2014 9-10am

Birth Year 2012 10:15-11:15

Birth year  2011 11:30-12:30

Uniforms:The red and white junior t-shirts are recommended but not required. 

Equipment: Size 3 soccer ball, cleats or tennis shoes, shin guards and a water bottle.

Registration:You can only register for a single season in the junior program.  The Juniors program runs for 7 Weeks Fall, 1 game per week, optional 1 mid week training, shirt optional


$75  Season

$15 shirts

Registration Guidelines:

  1. The registration deadline for the fall is August 16, 2017 after the deadline the staff will begin forming the teams. Any player that registers after the deadline will not be guaranteed a spot if all teams are full.
  2. Players will be placed by birth year according to the official Michigan Youth Soccer Association Age Group Chart. Anyone asking for their child to “play up”, will need to be approved by the Director of Soccer Operations. Recommendations from the current coach will also be considered.
  3. Once a player is registered to a team, there will be no switching in season.
  4. Rosters will no longer be posted on-line; each coach will be in contact with their team prior to the start of the season.
  5. A buddy request must be submitted with the registration in order to be considered. By completing this request, the two players are requesting to be on the same team.

In order to accommodate this request, the following conditions must be met.

  • The players must be in the same age division. If a younger player is requested to play one division higher; this request must be approved by Director of Soccer Operations in
  • The Buddy Request must be completed and submitted with the  registration.
  • A player can only be listed on one Buddy Request. Subsequent requests with the same player listed will not be honored.
  • Both players must complete a Buddy Request to be honored.

Teams are formed with the intent to have comparable ability on each team. In the event that teams in a division cannot be balanced, the buddy request will not be honored.

  1. Cancellation or refund policy:

Once a player has been placed on a team, no refunds of any part of the registration fee will be made after August 16, 2017.

The Exceptions to this rule are:

  • Refunds will automatically be issued to a player who cannot be accommodated with a team.
  • Refunds will be made to a player who moves out of the general geographic area prior to the beginning of the playing season
  • Refunds will be made to a player who experiences a season ending injury prior to the beginning of the playing season

Refunds qualifying as noted above must be requested in writing and approved by the Director of Administration.

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