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2017-2018 North Storm Registration Fees –NEW                  Coaches Bios 




ADDITIONAL FORMS FOR PLAYERS U9-U12 (Birth Year 2006-2009)

WSSL Player Registration

MMYSL Player Registration

ADDITIONAL FORMS FOR PLAYERS U13-U18 (Birth Year 1999-2005)

MSPSP Player Contact Form

TBAYS North Storm is a select travel soccer program dedicated to training and developing best soccer players, as both athletes and as young adults.

Player Development

North Storm players receive the following benefits and opportunities to develop their skills and talents as premium soccer players.

  • Additional practice opportunities within the club’s team structure.  FREE
  • Goalkeeper training from a licensed staff.  FREE
  • Finishing/ Skill development. FREE
  • College advising. FREE
  • Indoor training.  FREE
  • Summer Camp/Winter Camps.  (extra)

League Play

Our teams play in one of three Michigan or Regional premier soccer leagues:

  • U9 and 10 teams play in the MMYSL (Mid-Michigan Youth Soccer League) or WSSL (West Suburban Soccer League) *
  • U11 and 12 teams play in the WSSL or MMYSL*
  • U13+ teams play in the MSPSP

*Leagues are selected based on the ability of the players within the teams.

High School aged teams are expected to attend college showcase tournaments as early as U14.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should try out for travel soccer?

Any player who is enthusiastic about the game of soccer, has a willingness and desire for continuing individual and team development. Additionally, players with a combination of excellent athletic ability, high caliber soccer skills based on their age group, positive attitude, size and speed, and an intense desire to compete at the highest level.

Is extensive travel required?

Depending on the age group and the league your child plays in; Mid-Michigan, travel is to Midland, Saginaw and Bay City. In Mid-Michigan the farthest distance may be Lansing or Davison. Western Suburban Soccer League is based in Metro Detroit and has some teams in Lansing.

Our U–13 through U–18 teams play in Michigan State Premier Soccer League. Depending on the home and away schedule given by the league, these teams can typically expect to play 4–5 games that require travel. These games may include travel ranging from 2 hour to 4 hours of travel, one way.

Does playing North Storm soccer mean my child will not be able to participate in other activities?

While your commitment to the North Storm program is year round, players may compete in other sports.  Players are expected to attend practices and games.  It should be noted that there are some fees associated with participation that are required, regardless of a players participation or not; e.g. indoor winter training. 

Can my child play up to an older age group?

Talented and committed players may sometimes play on older teams because it is best for their individual development.  During the seasonal year, the DSO in consultation with the coaching staff, may recommend the use of club pass systems and dual carding players on two rosters to give those top players on a team the chance to experience play at a higher level.

Those players wishing to play up should contact our DSO prior to tryouts in June.   Players playing up MUST be able to start for the older age group to be rostered on that team.

Who are the Coaches?

We use licensed coaches who are positive role models and focus on player development in order to develop the team and club.

What is the time commitment for travel soccer?

Players selected for travel soccer are committing themselves to both the Fall and Spring seasons, unless they are of the high school age groups. Typically teams practice two to three times a week, with practices typically running for an hour and a half. During the season, it can be expected that teams will play at least one game per weekend, maybe two depending on the schedule arranged by the coach. Teams can also expect to participate in at least two tournaments per season.

Teams will also participate in winter training sessions once or twice a week typically from the beginning of December through March.

Is North Storm Soccer about “winning at all cost”?

The complete opposite is true in this case of North Storm. The club’s philosophy is to focus on the development of individual players and age groups. Player development can take years and expecting immediate results is unrealistic. The long-term development of our players is our goal and our curriculum follows age appropriate guidelines on not only technical, tactical and physical development but social, psychological and what we call training focus for each age group.

How do Tryouts work?

Some general information about North Storm tryouts:

  • Our tryouts are crafted to evaluate technical and tactical proficiency through our activities which push players to make different decisions and display different skill sets as the tryouts progresses.  Players should attend both Mock tryouts and tryouts. Players are not penalized for only attending one session but failure to show up to both eliminates the ability for our staff to fully evaluate that player in all categories.
  • There is no fee for trying out. Player registration fees, uniform fees, and tournament fees are all collected after a player has been offered a roster spot.

What are the costs associated with North Storm teams?

The annual fees for North Storm teams / age groups can be found on our Registration Fees Page https://tbays.org/2017-2018-north-storm-registration-fees/

Currently, the required fees for North Storm cover the following: administration fees, field usage and maintenance, player registration, state and league fees, Cherry Capital Cup and Autumn Classic tournament registrations, indoor winter training, and coaches’ fees. 

What other costs are families responsible for?

Uniforms (every 2 years), travel to and from away games, and lodging at tournaments. Referee Fees for League play.  Additional fees may be required if teams decides to play additional indoor sessions or tournaments.